About us

Under speaking name of this institution, connected with the outstanding American singer and guitarist Jimi Hendix, it is possible to guess about all most. Certainly, «Jimi Hendrix Blues Club» is, first of all, a blues-club, and unique club in St.-Petersburg where it is possible to hear the real American blues in excellent execution.

This is a small cozy place in the heart of the "Northern Capital" - on Liteiny Prospekt. The Liteiny Prospekt has very rich cultural history. Here there lived outstanding figures of world culture - composers, writers, poets. In 1870th years in this street, in the house ¹ 4, there lived N.A.Roman, and nearby, in the house ¹ 6, there lived his colleagues – M.P.Musorsky and T.A.Kjui. Their frequent visitors were P.I.Chaikovsky and A.P.Borodin. In the house ¹ 18, being former private residence grfov Sheremetevyh, long time was lived by V.V.Mayakovsky. In the house ¹ 34 there was a city State archive of the literature and art, and 33rd house is known for that Sergey Yesenin here lived that gives him any unique charm. Today in this house there is a known club-restaurant «Jimi Hendrix Blues Club».

The club has settled down in small cozy at home. But don't do in this connection any hasty conclusions about a class of this institution. "Jimi Hendix" is the elite club devoted to the most elite music of all times and the people. On a scene here every day leave well-known and not so blues musicians, and to find here a free little table in the evenings - very much and very uneasy. Except a magnificent live blues, visitors have possibility to look at video with legendary Jimi Hendix and Eric Clapton's the most known performances.

The blues is only one party of this institution: being considered as the best blues club of St.-Petersburg, "Jimi Hendix", besides, is magnificent conceptual restaurant. That fact is rather remarkable that the image «blues club with a restaurant shade» - has the history: at the time of Jim Hendrix when the blues only appeared - him played exclusively at restaurants, and at restaurants he has turned to a musical genre. In elite club to be the corresponding interior. And "Jimi Hendix" truly follows this rule - an interior here desystvitelno original and extraordinary interesting. Low vaulted ceilings from a noble red brick, an abundance of a tree, a photo-known bluesmen on the walls, draped, in claret tones a scene, set antakvarnyh subjects - the ancient typewriter, ancient round hours with twisted arrows, an ancient Russian samovar - all creates improbably warm, friendly atmosphere and ideally is in harmony with music sounding here.

«Jimi Hendrix Blues Club» - unique in every respect an institution where the real judges of a blues, fine kitchen and unique "live" atmosphere gather.